Portal Link

Portal Instructions        

Create Account to Access Portal:

  • Click on portal login link
  • When prompted for credentials, select Create Login.
  • Enter Fields:
    1. Enter Account Number in provided field once prompted.
    2. Enter valid Email Address in provided field once prompted.
    3. Enter Unit Address (on-site address) exactly as shown on account statement.
    4. A confirmation email to complete registration is sent to the email given for login.
    5. Locate confirmation email and select hyperlink to continue registration.
  • The hyperlink opens a new window and prompts owners to:
    1. Create USERNAME – write down or save
    2. Create PASSWORD – write down or save
    3. Registration completed

Access Association Documents via Online Portal:

  • Navigating the Portal Dashboard:
    1. Select Documents tab at top of page.
    2. Select Docs folder on left-hand side of page. Available documents populate the page for owners to view or download at their convenience.