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About Us
NCM offers a unique approach to managing an Association’s physical and financial assets. With NCM, your property manager is also an owner of the company. Founded in 1992, NCM focuses on the management of condominium, town home, homeowner, and commercial condominium Associations throughout northern Illinois. We offer two types of services: financial management or full property management (financial and physical management).

Our vast experience in Association management includes:

  • Assisting with turnover of Associations from the developer
  • Managing restoration projects
  • Overseeing large capital expenditure projects
  • Restoring Associations to financial health

What We Offer
With over 30 years combined property management experience and over 40 years experience in project management, Brett and Denise Nemanich know what it takes to make your Association thrive. With NCM, your property managers are also the owners of the company and we believe this unique approach is highly effective for our clients. Our customer service is unparalleled. You will receive timely and accurate answers to your questions. And if you leave a message, we will call you back promptly.

At NCM we recognize that each Association is unique. We do our best to work with each Board of Directors to provide a custom format that is best for the Association.

Ethical Standards
We are committed to applying the highest possible ethical standards when managing physical and financial assets. Your home is your most important asset, and we will do our best to protect and enhance it. We feel that all owners should be treated fairly and without bias. We are not affiliated with any subcontractors, such as general maintenance, janitorial, or lawn maintenance companies, therefore we are able to keep our focus independent and the interests of the Association first. As the managing agent, we must sometimes give an unpopular answer to an issue, but we are committed to making legally sound decisions based on the Association’s governing documents, not on personalities or popularity.

Proven Experience and Successes
In September 2006, NCM started managing a 10-year old, 260-unit condo Association. When we started management it was $40,000 in the red. By the end of the year, the Association was $21,000 in the black without raising assessments. This is one of many success stories where Associations have made strong financial recoveries under our guidance.

NCM has successfully managed several restoration projects where properties were damaged by fire, hail, or water. Not only did these projects go smoothly and according to schedule, our company adapted a means to help recover some of the deductible funds. Funds from the insurance company were put in short-term, high-interest accounts. In some cases, the interest earned exceeded the deductible.

NCM has managed many large capital expenditure projects over the years, including but not limited to: re-roofing, parking lot replacement, re-siding, well installation, pond restoration, gazebo construction, swimming pool restoration, and sign construction. Proven professionals competitively bid for these jobs. NCM is also experienced in negotiating and acquiring loans for projects. We will also renegotiated costly loans to save the Association money.

Firm Profile

Company Organization
NCM employs an experienced staff which specializes in legal/collections, sales and refinance, and payables and accounts receivables. Our staff is trained in customer service and we are always striving to find new ways to better serve our clients.

Brett Nemanich, President, is a native of the Joliet area. He has degrees in Marketing and Business Administration/Public Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. In 1986 he joined an investment firm as a leasing agent and was soon promoted to property manager. He managed the physical and financial assets for several hundred rental units in Batavia and Chicago Ridge. He was then promoted to regional supervisor. Later, Brett joined a property management firm as a commercial portfolio manager. Here he expanded his management experience to include commercial office buildings, strip malls, and condominium and town home Associations. Brett started NCM in 1992. Its reputation has allowed it to experience significant growing.

Brett has also served on several Boards of Directors, including Community Association Boards.

Denise Nemanich, Vice President, is a native of Chicago and graduate from Purdue University. She obtained her Master Degree from Northwestern University where she studied in the School of Civil Engineering. Later she received her Master of Business Administration from University of Chicago. Her 17-year career at Commonwealth Edison in the nuclear division focused on radiation protection, where she became the first woman radiation protection manager for a nuclear facility in the country. Later she was promoted to the corporate office where she was the key negotiator with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and project manager for several multimillion-dollar projects.

Denise joined NCM in 1999. She works with her husband, Brett Nemanich, as a portfolio property manager. Her technical background has led her to develop a process-driven organization. She has also focused on enhancing and improving customer service.

Sally Saccomando, CMCA, AMS, Director of Finance oversees the financial portfolios of the Associations managed by NCM. Working closely with the Association's Boards of Directors, as well as serving on the Board of Directors of two associations herself, Sally understands and believes in the value of customer service and strives to build relationships to provide trusted financial management. Sally is also responsible for managing change in information technology, to ensure that NCM is kept current. Sally received her undergraduate degree in Finance from Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana and a Masters in Business Administration from Loyola University Chicago. She comes to us from Motorola Inc where she played an integral role in saving the company a significant amount of money through financial process improvement and automated accounting processes.