Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Will I receive an invoice each month?
A:   To help cut cost for your Association we only send a statement if you have a balance on your account. Each year, we send you assessment mailing labels. The labels are printed with the month and year due for your convenience.

Q:   Where do I send my assessment payment?
A:   Please make your check payable to your Association and send it to

2756 Caton Farm Rd.
Joliet, IL 60435

Q:   When does snow get plowed?
A:   Typically, Associations plow when there is two inches of accumulation on the ground.

Q:   Do you automatically salt?
A:   Salting is considered an extra service and is performed upon request.

Q:   What is the method for removing snow from Associations?
A:   The first priority is to keep the ingress/egress to the Association clear. Then snow is removed from the driveways. Finally, sidewalks and stoops are cleared. Please note that different crews may perform different tasks; so the contractor may clear the sidewalks at a later time.

Q:   What type of insurance do I need?
A:   These are some general guidelines on insurance. Each Association is different. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider.

For Homeowner’s Associations, the Association has insurance for common area liability and for the Directors and Officers You will need to insure your home.

If you live in a condominium, the Association will insure the building structure, common area (liability) the Directors and Officers. Owners need to have building property insurance (for fixtures, floor covering, upgrades, or finished basement), liability, and content insurance.

If you live in a townhome the Association insures the common area (liability) and the Directors and Officers. Some Townhome Declarations require that the Association insure the structure. In these cases, the owner would need to have building property (for fixtures, floor covering, upgrades, finished basements), liability, and content insurance. If not, you will also need to insure the structure.

If you re in doubt about what coverage you should have, contact the Association’s agent. The NCM staff will be happy to put you in contact with your Association’s agent.

Q:   How do I make a complaint against a neighbor or the Association?
A:   In order to protect you and the Association, our attorney has requested that you put your complaint in writing. Kindly fax or mail the complaint to our office.

Q:   Why must I submit a complaint in writing and sign my name?
A:   Our attorney has advised us to get all complaints in writing and for the author to sign their name. Authors of the complaint remain anonymous. It is best to include a daytime phone number in the event we need to ask for more information or provide you with feedback.

Q:   What are the governing documents for Associations?
A:   Associations are governed by the Illinois Condominium Act, the Association’s Declaration and the Rules and Regulations in that order. The Rules and Regulations is a document written by your Board of Directors that is usually a summary of the important restrictions from your Declaration. The Rules usually include a fine structure for violations.

Q:   How can I get a copy of the Declaration and Rules and Regulations?
A:   These documents can be obtained from the NCM office. As these documents are very lengthy, there will be a copying fee. If you are a resident of Will County some of the documents (with the exception of the Rules and Regulations) may be downloaded directly from